With millions of clicks, the Mongolian The Hu Band is attracting attention right now. They have been working on their debut album for seven years and have now released two viral videos. They call their style “hunnu rock”, which probably has its roots in the Mongolian word for human, хүн. “It’s not rock music played by Mongolians. It’s Mongolian rock music.” the Metal-Hammer quotes the American music ethnology doctoral student Thalea Stokes. NPR even calls it Havy Metal.

Obviously the group reaches a clientele that doesn’t know throat singing yet and compares it with growling from the metal scene. Those who have been to Mongolia are familiar with the sounds, and you can hear a lot from the traditional Xhöömei music, from instruments, vocal techniques to melodies. The videos are great. The rider warrior with motorbike escort does a good job.

The HU - Wolf Totem

The full concert of the group Violons Barbares with the Mongolian singer and Morin Khuur player Dandarvaanchig Enkhjargal (Epi) at Paléo Festival Nyon on 24/07/2015.

Royal Beat Crew with throat singing group Khusugtun (Хөсөгтөн хамтлаг), both from Ulaanbaatar Mongolia.

That’s a creative way of dealing with Mongolian Khöömej. Mathias Duplessy,

a French (film) composer and multi-instrumentalist, created this funny multilayer music video. Usually I prefer local singers with Khöömej. But Duplessy, who has also performed with Enkh Jargal, not only sings a good Khöömej style, but also brings here no copy of the style, but his very own, tasteful and thrilling interpretation of his Mongolian impressions. I like it. What do you think? Leave a comment.

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