Composers & Works List

Classically notated works for overtone singing – from opera to a cappella

Western classical compositions with overtone singing have been around since 1930. In contrast to ethnic styles, this music is not free of charge in Germany. The genre is therefore underrepresented, and the impression arises that overtone singing is mainly Mongolian or esoteric. Here you will find a collection of wonderfully written works in various instrumentations.

List of Compositions

Satoh, SomeiJPTANTRA, 4 Track Music for Tape1990Solo multi trackSolo
Satoh, SomeiJPMANDARA, Music for Tape1982Solo multi trackSolo
Krötz, CoraDESibero2015Chor a cappellaSolo 2x
Hefele, Anna-MariaDEO Antiqui Sancti2013SoloSolo
Hefele, Anna-MariaDEKomposition No. 12006SoloSolo
Pedersen, GreteNONed i vester soli gladerChor a cappellaChor
Jensen, AaronCAUvavnuk Dreams – The Great Sea2012Chor a cappellaSolo
ZulanCNAmila2015Solo + InstrumenteSolo
ZulanCNDeath and the Maiden2015Solo + InstrumenteSolo
Schronen, Alwin MichaelDESterne II2014Chor a cappellaChor
Korth, NicholasUKHarmoniae Naturales V To Autumn2014Solo + InstrumenteSolo
Hinds, StuartUSLo, How a Rose E’er Blooming (Es ist ein Ros entsprungen)2014SoloSolo x2
Sommer, Bernd MichaelDEJubel2013Chor a cappellaChor
Rosaz, Jean-ChristopheFRNorthern Lights / Hodie Christus natus est2013Chor a cappellaChor
Sommer, Bernd MichaelDEInspector Blueseau2012Chor a cappellaChor
Höghielm, KarinSETrees in Water2012Chor a cappellaChor
Korth, NicholasUKHarmoniae Naturales IV Luminescense2012Solo + InstrumenteSolo
Hinds, StuartUSChaconne2012Chor a cappellaChor
Sommer, Bernd MichaelDEWach2011Chor a cappellaChor
Rojko, BlažSIAve Maris Stella2011Chor a cappellaChor
Haas, Georg FriedrichATBluthaus2011OperSolo 4x
Livendahl, IverSEGloria2011Chor a cappellaSolo
Simová, Kiva al. KathrynCAEbb and Flow2011Chor + InstrumenteChor
Thoresen, LasseNOHimmelske Fader; op. 42 no. 32011Chor a cappellaChor
Reimann, MichaelDEGloria2011Chor + PianoChor
Wiesenfeld, RuthDEOut of Darkness2011Chor a cappellaChor
Hinds, StuartUSMeeresstille2011Chor a cappellaChor
Schori, ThomCHYeiaiel2011Chor + InstrumenteSolo
Rydlo, FilipCZSoul Flight2010Chor a cappellaSolo
Simová, Kiva al. KathrynCAWhispering Souls2010Chor a cappellaChor
Simová, Kiva al. KathrynCAPeace Be2010Chor a cappellaChor
Simová, Kiva al. KathrynCAArcanum2010Chor a cappellaChor
Reimann, MichaelDEPure Love2010Chor + PianoChor
Nørgård, PerDKSinging - Swinging2010Chor a cappellaChor
Hinds, StuartUSPrism2010Chor a cappellaChor
Hinds, StuartUSIm Haine2010Chor a cappellaChor
Hinds, StuartUSGoin' Home2010Chor a cappellaChor
Hinds, StuartUSNight and Day2010Chor + InstrumenteChor
Halvorson, Bobby USThe Desert2009Chor a cappellaChor
Shaw, CarolineUSPartita for 8 Voices2009Chor a cappellaChor
Pavlica, JiříCZAnděl radosti2009Chor + InstrumenteSolo
Greenstein, JuddUSA E I O U2009Chor a cappellaChor
Simová, Kiva al. KathrynCAA Rural Lullaby2009Chor a cappellaChor
Simová, Kiva al. KathrynCAThe Dawning of the New World2009Chor a cappellaChor
Simová, Kiva al. KathrynCAOne y One2009Chor a cappellaChor
Simová, Kiva al. KathrynCAOnly Waiting2009Chor a cappellaChor
Korth, NicholasUKHarmoniae Naturales III Shadows2009Solo + InstrumenteSolo
Hinds, StuartUSA Peaceful Evening2009Chor a cappellaChor
Hinds, StuartUSAn Imaginary Landscape2009Chor a cappellaChor
Martynov, VladimirRUChildren of the Otter2009Chor + InstrumenteSolo
Belmonte, JaimeESCantat de invierno2008Chor a cappellaChor
Tonini, MarcoITVox Stridens2008SoloSolo
Korth, NicholasUKHarmoniae Naturales II2008Solo + InstrumenteSolo
Vasks, PēterisLVPiedzimšana2008Chor a cappellaChor
Polsterer, RobertATHarzblut2008Chor a cappellaChor
Polsterer, RobertATVerloren im Sturm2008Chor a cappellaChor
Hinds, StuartUSNocturne2008Chor a cappellaSolo
Twining, TobyUSEurydice2008Chor a cappellaChor
Delnui, WolfgangBEFreilassen2008SoloSolo
Petersen, GöstaSEVallare låt2007Chor a cappellaSolo
Pavlica, JiříCZChvění – Suita dialogů2007Solo + InstrumenteSolo
Unterhofer, JosefITDer Star2007Chor a cappellaChor
Thoresen, LasseNODiphonie I; op. 392007Chor a cappellaChor
Alexandersson, LindaSEAllt är nära2007Chor a cappellaSolo 2x
Jakobi, MartinDELiebeslied2007Solo + InstrumenteSolo
Korth, NicholasUKHarmoniae Naturales I2007Solo + InstrumenteSolo
Hinds, StuartUSAway in a Manger2007Chor a cappellaSolo
Estrada, JulioMXQuotidianus2006Solo + InstrumenteSolo
Jacoby, NoriILApples2006Solo + InstrumenteSolo
Augustinas, VaclovasLTAnoj Pusej Dunojelio2006Chor a cappellaChor
Toka, VladimirRUTaezhnaya Symphony No.32006Chor + InstrumenteSolo
Vees, JackUSFeynman2005Solo + InstrumenteSolo
Jacoby, NoriILDream of the Night2005Solo + InstrumenteSolo 2x
Jacoby, NoriILJersualem Dream2005Solo + InstrumenteSolo 2x
Hopkins, SarahAUBlessings for world peace2005Chor + InstrumenteChor
Hinds, StuartUSWinter2005Chor a cappellaChor
Hersey, BairdUSThe Eternal Embrace2004Chor a cappellaSolo
Wittwer, MatthiasDEMountain Range2004Solo + InstrumenteSolo x2
Butāns, PēterisLVLux aeterna2004Chor + InstrumenteChor
Hinds, StuartUSAwakening2004Chor; PianoChor
Hinds, StuartUSAutumn Moon2004Chor; PianoChor
Hinds, StuartUSSound of Forever2004Chor a cappellaChor
Hinds, StuartUSPacem2004Chor a cappellaChor
Hinds, StuartUSSpring2004Chor a cappellaChor
Hinds, StuartUSPetra2004Solo + InstrumenteSolo
Muktupāvels, ValdisLVParcelajs (Pontifex)2004Chor + InstrumenteChor
Steinhäuser, MarkDESpiegelgeschichte2003OperSolo
Schimmelpfeng, ReinhardDEMagnificat2003Solo + InstrumenteSolo
Laneri, RobertoITDreamtime project2003Solo + InstrumenteSolo
Allaway, BenUSWalking Songs2002Chor a cappellaChor
Laneri, RobertoITArchèion2001Chor a cappellaChor
Laneri, RobertoITUndifluus2001Chor a cappellaChor
Laneri, RobertoITBrain massage 22001Chor a cappellaChor
Laneri, RobertoITBrain rhythm 12001Chor a cappellaChor
Laneri, RobertoITOrganum2001Chor a cappellaChor
Laneri, RobertoITAlba uterina2001SoloSolo
Matoušek, VlastislavCZVia Prophetiae2001Solo + InstrumenteSolo
Buchenberg, WolframDEAls vil in gote; als vil in vride2001Chor a cappellaChor
Vivancos, BernatESObriu-me els llavis; Senyor2000Chor a cappellaChor
Laneri, RobertoITAscesi2000SoloSolo
Dun, TanCNWater Passion After St. Matthew2000Chor a cappellaSolo
Grau, AlbertoVEBin-nam-má1999Chor a cappellaChor
McGlynn, MichaelIEFégaidh Úaibh1999Chor a cappellaChor
Hinds, StuartUSBeauty1999Chor a cappellaChor
Twining, TobyUSChrysalit Requiem1999Chor a cappellaChor
Bollmann, ChristianDEAbwun - The Prayer of Jesus1997Chor a cappellaChor
Eriksson, GunnarSEFolkharpa1995Chor a cappellaChor
Janssen, GuusNLNoach1993OperSolo 4x
Hopkins, SarahAUReclaiming the spirit1993Chor + InstrumenteChor
McGlynn, MichaelIECeltic Mass - Sanctus1991Chor + HarfeChor
Hopkins, SarahAUPast life melodies1991Chor a cappellaChor
Hopkins, SarahAUThe temple within1990SoloSolo
Laneri, RobertoITDhaulajiri1989SoloSolo
Sisask, UrmasEEGloria Patri; op. 17 - XXIII Oremus1988Chor a cappellaChor
Twining, TobyUSShaman1987Chor a cappellaChor
Harvey, JonathanGBForms of Emptiness1986Chor a cappellaSolo 2x
Hopkins, SarahAUCello chi1986Solo + InstrumenteSolo
Satoh, SomeiJPMANTRA; Music for Tape1986Solo + TonbandSolo
Beckers, GüntherDEDer Bootssteg1985Chor a cappellaSolo
Laneri, RobertoITMusic in form of flying carpet1984SoloSolo
Hillborg, AndersSEMuoayiyoum1983Chor a cappellaChor
Laneri, RobertoITMahamudra1983SoloSolo
Laneri, RobertoITTwo Views Of The Amazon1981SoloSolo
Laneri, RobertoITGya Gya Gya1980SoloSolo
Laneri, RobertoITThe tail of the tiger1977Chor a cappellaChor
Stockhausen, KarlheinzDESternklang1971Chor + InstrumenteChor
Rabe, FolkeSEJoe’s Harp1970Chor a cappellaChor
Stockhausen, KarlheinzDEStimmung1968Solo + InstrumenteSolo 6x
Schostakowitsch, DmitriRUOdna op. 261930Solo + InstrumenteSolo
Ollén, BengtSEI denna ljuva sommartidChor a cappellaChor
Rydlo, FilipCZSlunickoSoloSolo
Hinds, StuartUSMorning SongChor a cappellaChor
Hinds, StuartUSThe WindChor a cappellaChor
Hinds, StuartUSTrioSolo + InstrumenteSolo
Hinds, StuartUSMorning SongSoloSolo
Hinds, StuartUSRomanescaSolo + InstrumenteSolo x2
Hinds, StuartUSNorthern LightsSoloSolo
Hinds, StuartUSScene and Duet from Norma (Bellini)SoloSolo
Hinds, StuartUSLast CallSoloSolo
Hinds, StuartUSDark HighwaySoloSolo
Hinds, StuartUSDoo WopSoloSolo
Hinds, StuartUSHarmonic RagaSoloSolo
Hinds, StuartUSInvocationSoloSolo
Hinds, StuartUSVision 1: FearfulSoloSolo
Hinds, StuartUSVision 2: PeacefulSoloSolo
Hinds, StuartUSDorian FieldsSoloSolo
Hinds, StuartUSChoraleSoloSolo
Hinds, StuartUSLightSoloSolo
Hinds, StuartUSRhapsodySoloSolo
Hinds, StuartUSBlueSoloSolo
Hinds, StuartUSMorningSoloSolo
Hinds, StuartUSMotet: Sans les motsSoloSolo
Hinds, StuartUSDawningSoloSolo
Hinds, StuartUSThe BluesSoloSolo
Hinds, StuartUSBalladSoloSolo
Hinds, StuartUSVariationsSoloSolo
Hinds, StuartUSFantasySoloSolo
Hinds, StuartUSHarmonic OverturesSoloSolo
Hinds, StuartUSYokyokuSoloSolo
Hinds, StuartUSRenaissance ManSoloSolo
Hinds, StuartUSTuvan Groovin’SoloSolo
Hinds, StuartUSMidnightSoloSolo
Hinds, StuartUSGoodbye RaviSoloSolo
Hinds, StuartUSSwarming EchoesSoloSolo
Hinds, StuartUSMadrigalSoloSolo
Hinds, StuartUSHocketSoloSolo
Hinds, StuartUSThe Happy VillagerSoloSolo
Amanda ColeAUSinging in Tune with Nature2020Chor a cappellaChor
Amanda ColeAUPassion Chorale2021Chor a cappellaChor
Vahram Sarkissian (Sargsyan)AMLabia Mea2016Chor a cappellaChor
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