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Of Overtones and Love Messages: How a Video Redefines the Boundaries of Vocal Control

14. February 2024/by Wolfgang Saus

How Overtones Harmonize Your Brain

27. January 2024/by Wolfgang Saus

In memoriam Jan Heinke 2 – Christmas Song Collection

18. December 2023/by wolf

Exploring Vowel Overtone Singing in “Singing in Tune with Nature”

17. July 2023/by Wolfgang Saus

Labia Mea for 8 voices a cappella (2016) – Vahram Sarkissian

17. June 2023/by Wolfgang Saus

In memoriam Jan Heinke – German Folk Song Collection

20. April 2023/by Wolfgang Saus

Forest Birds – My Contribution to World Listening Day 2022

20. July 2022/by Wolfgang Saus

Do You Hear a Melody or Syllables? Saus’ Hearing Test.

10. July 2022/by Wolfgang Saus

Next Level Resonance Strategies – Singing Phonetics

31. March 2022/by Wolfgang Saus

Still, still, still – for Overtone Singing and Keys

20. December 2021/by Wolfgang Saus

What a sound! – Young Ensemble Dreden, Olaf Katzer, Jan Heinke

16. December 2021/by Wolfgang Saus

“Es ist ein Ros entsprungen” – for Overtone Singing and Piano

12. December 2021/by Wolfgang Saus

Maria Walks Amid the Thorns (Maria durch ein Dornwald ging) – Overtone Singing

5. December 2021/by Wolfgang Saus

“A ship is coming laden” (“Es kommt ein Schiff, geladen”) – Overtone Singing

28. November 2021/by Wolfgang Saus

David Harris – Neque Diliges

12. August 2021/by Wolfgang Saus

A Costly Final Chord

29. April 2021/by Wolfgang Saus

Free: sing2 – A Practice Book for Polyphonic Overtone Singing for Female Voice, English Version

16. December 2020/by Wolfgang Saus

Currently FREE: Voice Disorders – a Focus of Clinical Speech Science

10. November 2020/by wolf

Why Does Choral Music Sound So Good?

9. November 2020/by Wolfgang Saus

Jew’s harp and beatbox

26. May 2020/by Wolfgang Saus

Radio Feature: Between two tones – The art of overtone singing

17. May 2020/by Wolfgang Saus

Bernat Vivancos – Obriu-me els llavis, Senyor

20. April 2020/by Wolfgang Saus

Watch now for free: The film “Space – Sound – Voice” by Minghao Xu

24. January 2020/by Wolfgang Saus

Interesting new Video by Vincent Tournoud – Istana

14. November 2019/by Wolfgang Saus

How Achim Winter (German TV channel ZDF) set out one morning to learn overtone singing…

3. November 2019/by Wolfgang Saus

Sea noise (public domain) at the beach of Kolka, Latvia – my contribution to the World Listening Day 2019

21. July 2019/by Wolfgang Saus

Wang Tang – O.Ton Project with Daniel Pircher

27. June 2019/by Wolfgang Saus

Lutang – for Accordion and Overtone Singing by Feliz Anne Reyes Macahis

18. June 2019/by Wolfgang Saus

Overtone Singing from Bohemia with Alto and Cello – Ivana Rea & Michal Pustay

18. June 2019/by Wolfgang Saus

Sōmei Satō – TANTRA, 4 Track Music for Tape (1990)

12. June 2019/by wolf