Sounds of Mongolia

1. Huhu namyil (Cuckoo Namdshil)
2. Ayaz (Improvisation)
3. Eruu cagaan bolimor (White-Breasted Sparrow)
4. 5 hasag (5 Kazakhs)
5. Horgoi torgon deel (The Silk Coat)
6. Tanz melody (Dance Melody)
7. Buyant gol (The Beauty of Nature)
8. Uglee shaazgai (Colourful Magpie)
9. Govin undur (The Hills in the Gobi)
10. Naadmin ugluu (The Naadam Festival)
11. Hadin oroigoor (Mountain Tops)
12. Durvun uul siilen buur (Khoomi Improvisation)
13. Taivan namar (The Colours of the Seasons)
14. Cenherlen haragdah (The Beauty of the Mountains)
15. Boroonii uul (Rain Clouds)
16. Chandmani nutag (Dedication to the Chandmani Region)
17. Temujin (Folk Legend)

2001 da music / Deutsche Austrophon GmbH & Co. KG / Diepholz

Khöömij mongolisch

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