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Overtone Singing for Choirs

Overtone singing for choirs demands special skills because the singing technique usually has to be integrated into the classical choir sound. As founder and director of the European Overtone Choir and with over 40 years of my own choral experience under conductors such as George Prêtre, Helmut Rilling, Fritz ter Wey, Anders Eby, Marcus Bosch and Steffen Schreyer, I know what is important in choral sound. I work with amateur and professional choirs.

  • Overtone Singing for Choral Singers.
    Topic: Overtone singing as a vocal technique. Support in rehearsing overtone works.
    Weekend course or 3-hour introductory course for professional and amateur choirs.

The introductory course can also be conducted as an interactive online training in groups up to a maximum of 20.

Choral Phonetics Intonation for Choirs and Choir Directors

Thirty years ago, the foundations of choral phonetics were laid, a completely new choral methodology that uses natural harmonics inherent in vowels in a controllable way to raise intonation and homogeneity to a whole new level. For more on how vowels affect intonation, see my post Choral Phonetics.

  • Choral Phonetics – a quantum leap in intonation and homogeneity using overtone-resonant vowels.
    A special voice and aural training for choral singers, learnable in about 2 weekends. The course is also suitable for amateur choirs.
    Also available as private training for choir directors and voice teachers.

Parts of the course can also be offered online as a two-hour webinar.

In-House-Seminar: Overtone Singing

Do you like to organize a workshop in your area? Great! I’m happy to help you with organization and promotion. No financial risk for you. Call me or write me, we will discuss the possibilities.

  • From 3 hours.

In-House-Seminar: What Your Voice Tells About You

The sound of your voice is powerful, does not lie and reveals more about you than you know. Tone color conveys more subtle information than words. The sound of the voice determines how a content is perceived. Under certain circumstances sound can even reverse content into its opposite.

If the sound of the voice is so powerful, why is there so much rhetoric, but hardly any training in the timbre of the voice? To be honest, I don’t understand it either. The best rhetoric is rendered useless by inappropriate voice sound. My suspicion is that the extremely differentiated structuring of the voice sound in overtone singing leads to a depth of empathy that is only just being discovered. Actors know what I am talking about.

This course will teach you,

  • how to recognise and protect yourself from manipulation in the sound of people’ voices
  • how to increase the openness to listening of others through empathic listening,
  • how to use your voice authentically and convincingly to achieve shared goals
  • how to keep your voice operational even under difficult conditions


For musicians, music academies:

  • Lecture “What is overtone singing?”
    Vocal techniques, music ethnology, history, audio samples, interactive spectrographs.
  • Lecture “Overtone singing in the choir”
    Compositions for overtone singing, musical effect of the vocal colour, choral phonetics, ear training, practical application.
  • Lecture “Composing for overtone singing”.
    Possibilities and limitations of the instrument, notation.

For singers, doctors, speech therapists:

  • Lecture “Physiology and acoustics of overtone singing”.
  • Lecture “Overtone singing in therapy”.

General education:

  • Interactive lecture “Overtones – mirror of a universal harmonics”. Overtones in the world, how animals and patients react, sounds of other cultures, effect of speech sounds. Humorous practical exercises.

All presentations are available in English.

For Schools

  • Fascination of overtones for school children
    From 5th grade. Overtone singing always goes down well with students. Many have never heard of it and are completely fascinated by their own voice when suddenly their own overtones are created. Along the way, students learn to know their voice better and use it with greater confidence. The activation of overtone hearing can change the whole life.


Wolfgang Saus currently performes in following line-ups:

  • Wolfgang Saus Solo: solo concert with world instruments, meditative.
  • Jerusalem Dream: Classical composition by Nori Jacoby for string quartet, oud, percussion, soprano, Arabic tenor, baritone overtone singer, Khöömej singer.
  • Klangmysterium: Duo Günter Müller – world flutes from 5 continents, Wolfgang Saus – overtone singing, the famous cave concert from the Dechenhöhle and elsewhere.
  • Harmoniverse: Michael Reimann and Wolfgang Saus, overtone singing, piano and strange instruments.