Zulan / Lv Jiajia

China, Inner Mongolia *1980


Amila (2015)

Mongolian throat singing, Mongolian instruments, symphony orchestra

“Amila”, Mongolian for “gives life”, was commissioned by Deutsche Welle to compose for the German Federal Youth Orchestra for the 2015 Beethoven Festival.

In the piece, the sound world of Mongolism (…Zulan’s own band) expanded to include a large symphony orchestra. The orchestral sound mixes with overtone singing and melodies of the horsehead violin and other Mongolian instruments.
Deutsche Welle

World premiere: 25.09.2015, Beethovenfest Bonn. Federal Youth Orchestra – Patrick Lange, Mongolism – Zulan.

Death and the Maiden (2015)

Chamber concerto with the line-up: topshur, tsuur, khöömej (mongolian throat singing), percussion, piano, voice.

Zulan's 'Death and the Maiden' Onstage at Asia Society

Recording of the world premiere on 13.01.2015 in New York. Borjigin (topshur, tsuur, khöömej); Chen Shijie (percussion); Khasbagen (moorin khuur); Song Zhao (cello); Zulan (piano, voice).

With her music, Zulan describes the “Six Desires of a Man”, a Buddhist concept that expresses the six pleasures of eyes, ears, nose, body and mind.
Asia Society, New York


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