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Aachen Cathedral Bells, Full Ringing

The full ringing of Aachen Cathedral, recorded on Christmas Eve at midnight. Nice to see in the spectrogram how some tones develop only after the beat. And not always the loudest ones are also the perceived ones. Mary’s Bell: strike tone g°+8, 2075 mm diameter and 5,800 kg. Charlemagne Bell: strike tone h°+7, 1628 mm […]

Milking Suite with Shoe Art

The “Melksuit” (milking suite) of the Swiss duo Stimmhorn with Christian Zehnder and Balthasar Streiff receives with ” I’ ve seen the night” a very unconventional video clip by video artist Hansjörg Palm. The shoe art video of the Freiburg artist, made in 2004, was awarded the Media Art Prize Upper Rhine in 2007. I […]