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Sea noise (public domain) at the beach of Kolka, Latvia – my contribution to the World Listening Day 2019

World Listening Day 2019 Today, July 18, 2019, is World Listening Day 2019. The gentle waves in the Gulf of Riga. I recorded them in order to be able to accompany my future planned overtone singing meditation music. Since the use of third-party sound material in your own productions often causes problems with copyright protection, […]


Lutang – for Accordion and Overtone Singing by Feliz Anne Reyes Macahis

“solo accordion piece developed through close collaboration with Goran Stevanovic. The vocal control is as crucial as the accordion playing. The sung notes and the sound as a result of overtone singing, as well as whispering, are important materials in this piece.” Feliz Anne Reyes Macahis about lu:tαŋ [Translated by ws] Since Karlheinz Stockhausen’s “Stimmung” […]

Aachen Cathedral Bells, Full Ringing

The full ringing of Aachen Cathedral, recorded on Christmas Eve at midnight. Nice to see in the spectrogram how some tones develop only after the beat. And not always the loudest ones are also the perceived ones. Mary’s Bell: strike tone g°+8, 2075 mm diameter and 5,800 kg. Charlemagne Bell: strike tone h°+7, 1628 mm […]