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Joby Talbot – Path of Miracles (2005)

Roncesvalles (Talbot)Watch this video on YouTube Recording of the first movement “Roncesvalles” from “Path of Miracles” by Joby Talbot. The choir Tenebrae sings under Nigel Short. The English composer Joby Talbot wrote this work in 2005 on behalf of the ensemble Tenebrae under the direction of Nigel Short. It is set for 17-part mixed choir […]

Undertone Singing in Austria – A Freaky Yodel Style

Watch this video on YouTube You probably never heard a traditional yodeling in this way. The bass accompanies the yodel chorus in the Kargyraa-Stil, an undertoning technique, which causes the ventricular folds to vibrate. Because I have encountered such a sound so far only in Sardinia and Corsica, but never in the Alps, I assume that […]