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Natural Tone & Overtone Symposium – (CH) Toggenburg 02.-06.06.2022

Thu., 02. JuneMon., 06. June

Cover picture Natural Tone and Overtone Symposium Toggenburg

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From 2-6 June 2022, the repeatedly postponed first Naturton & Oberton Symposium will take place in Obertoggenburg, Switzerland.

Natural Tone & Overtone Symposium

The sound cosmos of natural tones and overtones and their microtonal vibrations are of fascinating beauty and archaic power. Whether in traditional natural yodelling or in the complexity of new contemporary music: musicians as well as composers from all disciplines repeatedly reflect on the magical world of overtones, enter into the natural laws of sound and its mysteries and draw new insights and inspiration for their works.

Toggenburg, with its natural yodelling, Talerschwingen and the bell-ringing of the alpine herdsmen, is one of the last still authentically lived natural sound centres of our Alpine countries: an ideal place for a symposium around this phenomenon, embedded in a breathtaking landscape and staged by the Klangfestival Toggenburg in Alt. St. Johann.


The guest country of the first edition is Norway with the vocal ensemble Nordic Voices and Ingor Ántte Áilu Gaup from the realm of the Sami. The symposium will embark on a practical search for the current work of musicians with natural sounds, overtones and microtones from our cultural sphere.

Specialists as well as amateurs interested in music should benefit equally. The symposium is therefore open to all who are curious and offers courses, exciting insights, concerts, meetings and, of course, as a highlight, the concert day “Summit of Natural Tones”.

The symposium will also feature an international networking meeting and the founding of the first Overtone Academy in Europe.

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The Toggenburg Sound Festival from 3-5 June 2022 will be held in conjunction with the symposium.