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Overtones Over the Rainbow

11. September 2015/by Wolfgang Saus

In memory of a dear friend

22. August 2015/by Wolfgang Saus

Epic overtones of Kalmykia | Okna Tsahan Zam

2. August 2015/by Wolfgang Saus

Whole concert: Violons Barbares on the Paléo Festival Nyon 2015

28. July 2015/by Wolfgang Saus

Huun Huur Tu at Paléo Festival Nyon 2015 – full concert

28. July 2015/by Wolfgang Saus

Young girls from Slovenia blast all choir dimensions – new vocal theatre

27. July 2015/by Wolfgang Saus

Transmongolia sings for Dalai Lama to his 80th birthday

24. July 2015/by Wolfgang Saus

This free online course on ‘Vocal Recording’ should be interesting to many singers

22. July 2015/by Wolfgang Saus

Now, that’s a vocal range – Alber Hera

25. June 2015/by Wolfgang Saus

Whistling and singing at the same time – Badinerie by JS Bach

26. March 2015/by Wolfgang Saus

Overtone Singing in Electroacoustic New Ground

9. February 2015/by Wolfgang Saus

Abstract – Throat Choir from Poland | Michał Esz

28. January 2015/by Wolfgang Saus

Massive Attack on Overtones

14. January 2015/by Wolfgang Saus

Iridium – Spherical Film Music from Australia

12. January 2015/by Wolfgang Saus

Daniel Pircher Live with dp.O.Ton

2. January 2015/by Wolfgang Saus

Mongolian Beatbox

27. December 2014/by Wolfgang Saus

Oh, come, little children

24. December 2014/by Wolfgang Saus

Steppe Jingle Bells – Variant from Tuva

17. December 2014/by Wolfgang Saus

Pachelbel’s Canon

29. October 2014/by Wolfgang Saus

Wolfgang Saus’ first overtone project 1986 – Bootessteg by Günther Beckers

15. October 2014/by Wolfgang Saus

Funny multilayer-Khöömej from France | Mathias Duplessy

8. September 2014/by Wolfgang Saus

Overtones in Canon | Mundwerk

4. September 2014/by Wolfgang Saus

Test: Are you an overtone or fundamental listener?

3. September 2014/by Wolfgang Saus

World Music or experiment? – Ensemble Supersonus

20. August 2014/by Wolfgang Saus

Overtone Singing Classical Guitarist – Pavel Steidl

19. August 2014/by Wolfgang Saus

How Your Brain Handles Overtones

16. July 2014/by Wolfgang Saus

Song of the birds | Gareth Lubbe

24. June 2014/by Wolfgang Saus

La Grande Bellezza – with overtones to the Academy Award | Vox Clamantis

9. June 2014/by Wolfgang Saus

Aachen Overtone Choir in “The Life Of The Buddha” (BBC Documentary)

1. May 2014/by Wolfgang Saus

Adele in Throat Singing Style – by Kuular

20. April 2014/by Wolfgang Saus