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Sōmei Satō – MANDARA, Music for Tape (1982)

12. June 2019/by wolf

Sōmei Satō – マントラ MANTRA, Music for Tape (1986)

12. June 2019/by wolf

Singing with Dogs – Mini Wolf Duet 1

20. April 2019/by Wolfgang Saus

Singing film music with a four-part overtone singing – Stuart Hinds and The Andy Griffith Show

7. March 2019/by wolf

28.02.19 – 22h – DLF Kultur Radio Broadcast about the Europa Obertonchor

26. February 2019/by Wolfgang Saus

Aachen Cathedral Bells, Full Ringing

28. January 2019/by Wolfgang Saus

Milking Suite with Shoe Art

17. January 2019/by Wolfgang Saus

The HU – Mongolian rock reaches millions of clicks

10. January 2019/by Wolfgang Saus

Silent Night with Overtone Singing

24. December 2018/by Wolfgang Saus

My Accident and Move 2018

31. October 2018/by Wolfgang Saus

BBC Documentary about Wolfgang Saus’ Overtones in the MRI Tube

18. February 2018/by Wolfgang Saus

Free Download: Beginner’s Textbook for Polyphonic Overtone Singing by Stuart Hinds

13. October 2017/by Wolfgang Saus

Doris Kirschhofer – Accordion and Overtones

3. October 2017/by Wolfgang Saus

Brahms’ Lullaby – with Stuart Hinds

15. August 2017/by Wolfgang Saus

Can you hear the melody? – Take the Hearing Test

11. August 2017/by Wolfgang Saus

Dvořák with Overtones

16. June 2017/by Wolfgang Saus

Joby Talbot – Path of Miracles (2005)

4. April 2017/by Wolfgang Saus

Uvavnuk Dreams / The Great Sea – Aaron Jensen (2012)

31. March 2017/by Wolfgang Saus

Online Voice Conference 2016 – Download

13. March 2017/by Wolfgang Saus

Incredible – a piece of wood with a voice

12. March 2017/by Wolfgang Saus

Your ears have super powers – convince yourself

9. March 2017/by Wolfgang Saus

Chamber Choir “I Vocalisti” & Anna-Maria Hefele – new CD

14. October 2016/by Wolfgang Saus

Test Your Rhythm Feeling

1. September 2016/by Wolfgang Saus

stimmig – 10 Vocal Excursions – Documentary

15. July 2016/by Wolfgang Saus

Spectacular MRI Video of the Tongue while Singing Overtones

20. May 2016/by Wolfgang Saus

Harmonics in The Golden Compass Film Score

11. May 2016/by Wolfgang Saus

Shamanic Biphonation with Animal Sounds

18. February 2016/by Wolfgang Saus

Cosmos – Sunrise – A Cappella from Latvia

15. January 2016/by Wolfgang Saus

Female Bass, Male Soprano

28. November 2015/by Wolfgang Saus

Almost overtone singing… a genius beatboxer

26. September 2015/by Wolfgang Saus