Vocal Styles – Vocal Techniques – Voice Health

Kinder- und Jugendstimme 13

Book cover of M Fuchs - Gesangsstile – Stimmtechniken – Stimmgesundheit
Gesangsstile – Stimmtechniken – Stimmgesundheit
(Vocal Styles – Vocal Techniques – Voice Health)
Editor Michael Fuchs
series: Kinder- und Jugendstimme 13
publishing house: Logos Verlag Berlin GmbH
ISBN: 978-3-8325-4844-5
Wolfgang Saus (photo Eva Haslinger)

Overtone singing with children and adolescents: Train your hearing and fine motor skills in an unusual way
Saus, Wolfgang. 2019. „Obertonsingen mit Kindern und Jugentlichen: Auf ungewöhnliche Art Gehör und Feinmotorik schulen“. In Gesangsstile – Stimmtechniken – Stimmgesundheit, herausgegeben von Michael Fuchs. Kinder- und Jugendstimme 13. Logos Verlag Berlin GmbH.

About the book

Children and young people sing increasingly and mostly quite naturally in different musical styles and with different vocal techniques. This poses challenges not only to singing teachers and choirmasters, but also to medicine.

Knowledge, mastery and age-appropriate teaching of vocal techniques are decisive for the healthy development of children’s and teenage voices – this applies to classical singing as well as to vocal techniques in popular music. The medical and therapeutic accompaniment of the young singers also requires a sound knowledge of the various singing techniques in order to assess the individual vocal prerequisites and possible risks for vocal health and to be able to take them into account in diagnostics and therapy.

In generally understandable chapters ways and methods are presented to meet these challenges and to master the balancing act between the desires and the vocal conditions of the singing children and young people.

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