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Overtone singing intensive seminar with Wolfgang Saus – 26./27.10.2019 in Ebersberg

→Hier geht’s zur VHS-Anmeldeseite Obertongesang kann jeder lernen, der sprechen kann. Schritt für Schritt wirst Du humorvoll und fundiert in die Basistechnik des Obertongesangs eingeführt. Obertongesang ist die Kunst, mit einer Stimme zwei Töne gleichzeitig zu singen. Dahinter steckt eine leicht erlernbare Zungentechnik. Das ist nicht nur ein verblüffender Effekt für die Zuhörer*innen, sondern auch […]


Wolfgang Saus at the New Healing Festival – News on the healing power of overtones

New Healing Festival 2018 I DANKEWatch this video on YouTube The key to change lies in ourselves and ultimately in the brain. But it is not easy to change one’s own behaviour and thought patterns sustainably. The overtones are a tool to penetrate into regions of the brain that are normally only reached after years […]


Wolfgang Saus Teaches “Vocal Phonetics” at Voice Teachers Conference – Jurmala Latvia

Vocal phonetics is a new method of singing pedagogy with which singing students optimize their resonances within the shortest possible time without having to change their singing technique. Resonance is a prerequisite for relaxed singing. Vocal phonetics is the “missing link” between vocal acoustics and phonetics. It uses the latest scientific findings on vowel formants […]


My Accident and Move 2018

Something private of mine today. I haven’t updated my website since spring. The reason: I had separated my left wrist from my joint in a bicycle accident in Belgium in spring and broke it several times, so that the hand had to be re-surgeryed twice. My helmet (I can only recommend it) was a lifesaver. […]