This duo from Tuva ensures disbelief, when suddenly the woman sings a deep bass and the guy singing three octaves above. And what a bass! She uses the Tuvan undertone singin technique Kargyraa. It produces these deep tones with both the vestibular folds and the vocal cords. The man sings the famous Sygyt, the whistle throat singing style of the nomadic peoples around the Altai Mountains.

The full concert of Tuvan group Huun Huur Tu at the Paléo Festival in Nyon on 26/07/2015.

The bizarre video Karmacoma of the English trip-hop group Massive Attack came to the UK charts in 1995 as a single, at a time when Central Asian throat singing was becoming popular in Europe. The overtone singing is probably a remix of Tuvinian throat singing. (Thanks to Bram Vanoverbeke for the tip).

Something like that you would not expect when throat singers from Tuva are on the program.  Jingle Bells 2. American Christmas conquers even the remote highlands of the Altai. Here the Alash Ensemble from Tuva along with Bela & The Flecktones at Chicago Bluegrass and Blues Music Festival 2012.

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