Steppe Jingle Bells – Variant from Tuva

Something like that you would not expect when throat singers from Tuva are on the program.  Jingle Bells 2. American Christmas conquers even the remote highlands of the Altai. Here the Alash Ensemble from Tuva along with Bela & The Flecktones at Chicago Bluegrass and Blues Music Festival 2012.

Funny multilayer-Khöömej from France | Mathias Duplessy

That’s a creative way of dealing with Mongolian Khöömej. Mathias Duplessy,

a French (film) composer and multi-instrumentalist, created this funny multilayer music video. Usually I prefer local singers with Khöömej. But Duplessy, who has also performed with Enkh Jargal, not only sings a good Khöömej style, but also brings here no copy of the style, but his very own, tasteful and thrilling interpretation of his Mongolian impressions. I like it. What do you think? Leave a comment.

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Adele in Throat Singing Style – by Kuular

Throat singing cover of Rolling in the Deep (Adele) by Kuular Music. Mongolian throat singing breaks new ground. What do you think of the mixture of traditional Khöömej with western music?

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