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Singing film music with a four-part overtone singing – Stuart Hinds and The Andy Griffith Show

Stuart Hinds sings the opening theme of The Andy Griffith Show (1960 – 1968) with four-part overtone singing and duplicates his voice to take over the two-part whistle with two overtones.

The Andy Griffith Show 1960 - 1968 Opening and Closing Theme

Free Download: Beginner’s Textbook for Polyphonic Overtone Singing by Stuart Hinds

Stuart Hinds - Making Music with Overtone Singing - Buch FotoStuart Hinds from the USA is undisputedly the star of polyphonic Western overtone singing. No one else handles two melodies in basic and overtone with such virtuosity. He is also one of the most productive composers for overtone singing and has written several pieces for solo and choral singing.

Now he has written a new book “Making Music with Overtone Singing” in 2017. It is a systematic learning aid that allows every slightly advanced overtone singer to get into the art of polyphonic overtone singing.The new book starts where overtone beginners begin to control their tones and leads from there into the complex polyphony. The book thus forms the bridge to his more demanding 15 songs.

His sheet music book “An Overtone Expirience – 15 polyphonic overtone songs you´ll love to sing”, published by Traumzeit-Verlag in 2012 and translated by me, required advanced overtone singing experience.

Stuart Hinds generously makes his book available as a free PDF download. In addition to the book, the download also contains sound samples sung by the author.

To the download page

Brahms’ Lullaby – with Stuart Hinds

Stuart Hinds, the master of polyphonic overtone singing, has recorded a beautiful interpretation of Johannes Brahms’ Lullaby and Goodnight. You can download a simpler version of it here in sheet music and practice it yourself.

Dvořák with Overtones

Stuart Hinds is undoubtedly the master of polyphonic overtone singing. He sets standards for this young vocal technique with his compositions. With Goin’ home, a melody from the second movement of the Ninth Symphony of by Czech composer Anonín Dvořák, Hinds here presents one of his easier pieces, that nevertheless will be a challenge for most overtone singers.

In addition to the version for solo baritone overtone singer and keyboad Hinds wrote a choral version, dedicated to the Prague ensemble Sprektrum, that sings the overtone part with even serveral choral singers. With such compositions hopefully many singers are encouraged to explore the fascinating possibilities of the polyphonic overtone singing.

Overtones Over the Rainbow

The duo The Lady & The Cat with the overtone virtuoso Anna-Maria Hefele and the jazz guitar player Jan Henning bring here an interesting arrangement of the classic Over the Rainbow (The Wizard of Oz) by Harold Arlen (text E. Y. Harburg). Stuart Hinds’ polyphonic overtone arrangement from 2005 served as the basis for Hefele’s adapted version for female voice. I follow with excitement the development of my former student.

In memory of a dear friend

Stuart Hinds wrote this solo piece for our common dear friend, Honza (Jan) Šima, who unexpectedly passed away at a young age in the last year. Although the piece is very emotional, it is not intended as an expression of mourning. It will rather give room for memories and contemplation.

Jan was an enthusiastic and very good polyphonic overtone singer. He was a member of the European Overtonechoir and the Overtone Choir Spektrum, where we first met back in 2003.

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