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What a sound! – Young Ensemble Dreden, Olaf Katzer, Jan Heinke

Such sounds cast a spell over me. Those who know me know how much contemporary choral music touches me. And as an overtone singer, I have been trying to bring overtone awareness to choirs for almost four decades. I am all the happier when composers who know something about overtone singing write choral music.

Jan Heinke is an absolutely exceptional musician. We have been friends for many years now, and Jan never fails to impress me with his deeply reflective worldview. His music is unique in the world, his playing on the steel cello he built, his ultra low bass and the virtuosity of his overtone singing. The Junge Ensemble Dresden under the direction of Olaf Katzer is one of the top chamber choirs in Germany and one of the select ones dedicated to contemporary classical music at the highest level.

You find the CD here: https://jungesensembledresden.de/cd

CD „Licht über Licht“
Performer: Junges Ensemble Dresden
Artistic direction: Olaf Katzer
Soloist overtone singing: Jan Heinke
Total playing time: 61:30

Jan Heinke: http://www.janheinke.de/, http://www.stahlquartett.de/

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Nicholas Korth

World Premiere – Harmoniae Naturales VI by Nicholas Korth – London

Harmoniae Naturales VI, Send my Roots Rain

A new work by British composer Nicholas Korth
for four overtone singers, soprano, tenor and orchestra

World premier and recording on February 1st, 2019, 7.30pm at St. George’s, Hanover Square, London W1S 1FX, United Kingdom

Harmoniae Naturales VI, Send My Roots Rain, combines the astonishing and mesmerising sound of four overtone singers with an orchestra of strings, brass, percussion and specially tuned keyboards. In it I have set some of Gerard Manley Hopkins’ most tortured and transcendental words for soprano and tenor.

For this project are engaged the following stellar array of musicians: soprano Patricia Auchterlonie, tenor Daniel Norman (both internationally celebrated opera singers), and overtone singers Rollin RacheleWolfgang SausLothar Berger and Jan Heinke (a specialist in the ultra low sub-harmonic throat singing known as kargiraa). The Orpheus Sinfonia is joined by a superb line-up of instrumentalists – including Bruce Nockles and Thorbjorn Hultmark on soprano trombone and natural trumpet, and horn soloist Laurence Davies – and is conducted by Simon Wills.