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Cover picture Sound Festival Toggenburg

Sound Festival Toggenburg 2022 – (CH) Toggenburg June 3-5, 2022

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Greetings from the artistic director Christian Zehnder:

Christian Zehnder | TRIOHATALA


The Sound Festival revives, together with the first International Natural Sound and Overtone Symposium. Customised in terms of content for Toggenburg, the sound festival and symposium serve different aspects and currents of natural tone music and ethnic cultures.

Sound Festival Toggenburg will be shorter, with a great variety of artists, thematically oriented festival days and even more festival atmosphere. In future there will be a large circus tent with a wonderful ambience and an additional stage in addition to the classical concert hall of the Propstei. Selected music gems will delight young and old here in the form of free concerts, and an attractive culinary offer will make the Klangfestival Toggenburg a real festival.

Exciting regional and international projects, courses, lectures and concerts will make it possible to hear and experience the forgotten and unheard from the world of natural sound. Local creativity will again be given a prominent place and musical encounters with cultures of the world will be promoted. Finland and Norway are the focal points this time, but our neighbours from Austria will also make a day an unforgettable experience.

The festival is integrated into the first Natural Tone & Overtone Symposium, which will take place from 3-6 June 2022 at the same venue.

Cover picture Natural Tone and Overtone Symposium Toggenburg

Natural Tone & Overtone Symposium – (CH) Toggenburg 02.-06.06.2022

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From 2-6 June 2022, the repeatedly postponed first Naturton & Oberton Symposium will take place in Obertoggenburg, Switzerland.

Natural Tone & Overtone Symposium

The sound cosmos of natural tones and overtones and their microtonal vibrations are of fascinating beauty and archaic power. Whether in traditional natural yodelling or in the complexity of new contemporary music: musicians as well as composers from all disciplines repeatedly reflect on the magical world of overtones, enter into the natural laws of sound and its mysteries and draw new insights and inspiration for their works.

Toggenburg, with its natural yodelling, Talerschwingen and the bell-ringing of the alpine herdsmen, is one of the last still authentically lived natural sound centres of our Alpine countries: an ideal place for a symposium around this phenomenon, embedded in a breathtaking landscape and staged by the Klangfestival Toggenburg in Alt. St. Johann.


The guest country of the first edition is Norway with the vocal ensemble Nordic Voices and Ingor Ántte Áilu Gaup from the realm of the Sami. The symposium will embark on a practical search for the current work of musicians with natural sounds, overtones and microtones from our cultural sphere.

Specialists as well as amateurs interested in music should benefit equally. The symposium is therefore open to all who are curious and offers courses, exciting insights, concerts, meetings and, of course, as a highlight, the concert day “Summit of Natural Tones”.

The symposium will also feature an international networking meeting and the founding of the first Overtone Academy in Europe.

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The Toggenburg Sound Festival from 3-5 June 2022 will be held in conjunction with the symposium.

Titelbild Klangfestival Toggenburg 2020

[Absage wegen Corona-Maßnahmen] Klangfestival Toggenburg 2021 – (CH) Toggenburg 12.-24.05.2021


Festival Booklet als PDF-Datei | Tickets | Konzerte | Künstler | Rahmenprogramm

Vom 12. bis 24. Mai 2021 treffen sich Stimmen aus aller Welt in Alt St. Johann.

Gruß des künstlerischen Leiters Christian Zehnder:

Christian Zehnder | TRIOHATALA

Seit sechzehn Jahren treffen sich Stimmen aus aller Welt am Klangfestival Toggenburg, aber auch das heimische Schaffen, eine lebendig erhaltene Tradition, wird hier hochgehalten und macht viele berührende Begegnungen möglich. Mit neuer künstlerischer Leitung, neuem Team und dem Bau des Klanghauses bewegt und öffnet sich die Klangwelt wieder. So werden Sie am diesjährigen Festival viele neue, spannende und un–erhörte Ein- und Aussichten über die hehre Bergwelt hinaus, in unsere urbane Gegenwart und die Weiten der Kontinente gewinnen, aber auch Vertrautes und Heimisches wieder entdecken können.

Ganz neu am Festival sind die Thementage: Sei es ein Gastland oder ein musikalisches oder gesellschaftliches Thema, jeder Tag hat einen anderen Schwerpunkt und bringt spannende und vertiefte Einblicke in Neues oder altes Vergessenes.

Neu hat bei uns auch das Instrument seinen festen Platz: Ab sofort spielen überall Instrumente und Ensembles auf und dies fast ausnahmslos. Die Musik bleibt aber meist umgarnt von den Natur- oder Kunststimmen unserer Zeit.

Klangvolle Grüsse von Christian Zehnder
Künstlerischer Leiter Klangwelt Toggenburg

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