Chamber Choir “I Vocalisti” & Anna-Maria Hefele – new CD

One of Germany’s best amateur choirs for contemporary music in collaboration with one of the best overtone singers. The readers of this page will be interested in three pieces that are especially for the new CD “Kammerchor I Vocalisti & Anna-Maria Hefele: Cantate Domino Canticum Novum” from Chamber Choir I Vocalisti and its director Hans-Hoachim Lustig were commissioned by three renowned composers:

  • Cantate Domino (2015) by Uģis Prauliņš (track 1)
  • Cantate Domino (2016) by Hans Schanderl (Track 8)
  • Cantate Domino (2015) by Michael Ostrzyg (track 11)

These three works are written especially for Hefele’s solo voice. Three very different pieces that have one thing in common: Solo overtone singing. The rest of the programme is also a wonderful compilation of new music, sung at the highest choral level. This fantastic CD is thoroughly enjoyable and inspires me – recommendable!

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Cantate Domino Canticum Novum (2016)
Anna-Maria Hefele, I Vocalisti, Hans-Hoachim Lustig
The CD was released on 28.10.2016 at Rondeau.
Total playing time 73:09
1. Ugis Praulins: Cantate Domino
2. Vic Nees: Singet dem Herrn
3. Thomas Hofmann: …Singet…
4.-6. Hugo Distler: Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied
7. Josu Elberdin: Cantate Domino
8. Hans Schanderl: Cantate Domino
9. Aleksandar S. Vujic: Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied
10. Vytautas Miskinis: Cantate Domino
11. Michael Ostrzyga: Canticum novum (…ab extremis terrae)
12. Alwin Michael Schonen: Cantate Domino

Overtones Over the Rainbow

The duo The Lady & The Cat with the overtone virtuoso Anna-Maria Hefele and the jazz guitar player Jan Henning bring here an interesting arrangement of the classic Over the Rainbow (The Wizard of Oz) by Harold Arlen (text E. Y. Harburg). Stuart Hinds’ polyphonic overtone arrangement from 2005 served as the basis for Hefele’s adapted version for female voice. I follow with excitement the development of my former student.

World Music or experiment? – Ensemble Supersonus

Supersonus – Rosary Sonata 1 and Ritus

The European Resonance Ensemble

Anna-Maria Hefele, overtone singing
Eva-Maria Rusche, harpsichord
Anna-Liisa Eller, kannel
Wolf Janscha, jew´s harp
Marco Ambrosini, nyckelharpa, jew´s harp

New experimental overtone music of the group Supersonus – The European Resonance Ensemble (Resonance, not Renaissance) brings overtone singing into a whole new musical context, something between world music and experiment. The instruments are in fact from Renaissance times, but probably have hardly been heard in this combination. And overtone singing is quite new to this world of sound.

Anna-Maria Hefele is one of the most promising new overtone singing talents in Germany. Her Western overtone singing style derives from the contemporary Western music, and not from Central Asian styles. However, you can hear influences of Mongolian throat singing in her way of pressing the voice. Her approach to music is refreshing experimentally. She easily connects various musical instruments, dance and drama with her versatile vocal techniques.

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