Space – Sound – Voice

In search of the origin of overtones. Documentary film by Minghao Xu.

With Jill Purce, David Hykes, Wolfgang Saus, Overtone Choir Christian Bollmann, Hosoo & Transmongolia, Mark van Tongeren, Danny Wetzels

Main film 45 minutes

  • How are harmonics generated?
  • And why do they have such an intense effect on us?

Extra 30 minutes

  • Interview with David Hykes
  • Interview with Jill Purce
  • Artist profiles
  • Bloopers
  • Trailer

The young filmmaker has made a wonderful debut here in terms of visual power, rhythm, mood and information content.

David LindnerPublisherTraumzeit Verlag

Overtone singing, the art of singing two or more notes at the same time with the human voice, touches and moves us deeply in our soul.

In his film, filmmaker Minghao Xu takes the who-is-who of the international overtone scene on a journey that is as poetically filmed as it is scientifically inspiring – in search of the origin of overtones. The result is an atmospheric and informative excursion into the heart of sounds, which should not only inspire sound lovers.

What others say about the DVD

…and then I came across the film Space Sound Voice. And suddenly I realized how much I had always been involved with overtones in my life.

T. Blumenstein

Through sensitive directing, camera and interviewing, the filmmaker succeeds in portraying overtone singing from scientific, traditional, spiritual, shamanic and musical-avantgarde perspectives.

Verena RonnenbergBeratungspraxis

It’s also nice how the young filmmaker Minghao Xu tells in very personal comments how the research for the film altered his thinking, too, and how he found a new “unity of understanding and openness” by listening to and singing the overtone.

Thomas Schmelzer

Minghao Xu

Minghao Xu

Minghao Xu

Director and producer

Minghao Xu was born in Beijing, China, and has lived in Germany since 1989. After studying philosophy, art history and English literature at the RWTH Aachen University, he studied visual communication, film and video at the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts. His final exam, a documentary on the subject of overtone singing, attracted a great deal of attention in the professional world. The film “Space Sound Voice” is a revised and expanded version of the exam project.

The artist, who makes equal use of painting and music, is interested in the patterns of creation, especially fractals, harmonics and sacred geometry. The aim and content of his work is to highlight the integral power of these phenomena in order to combine aesthetics, science and spirituality and to make their common denominator visible and tangible.

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