DVD: The Overtone Workhsop

DVD video course to learn overtone singing by yourself
by Wolfgang Saus

Simply Teach Yourself Overtone Singing

  • 2 hours of teaching material + 20 minutes of extras.
    In 15 systematic steps – no prior knowledge required./li>
  • You set the pace
    Each learning step can be played individually and repeated as desired.
  • It does not get any cheaper
    For the price of less than one lesson. Worthwhile even if you want to visit a course.


Overtone master Wolfgang Saus has made overtone singing accessible and most importantly easy to learn. The three-step technique is his innovation. Even total amateurs can learn to sing their first overtones with this technique, straightforwardly, without any previous knowledge and, certainly, without any musical ability.

If you can’t do it now, it’s your own fault… The author presents a teaching method that has been developed, matured and proven over 20 years. (Translated from German)

There are a wealth of individual exercises in this DVD explained in a really very understandable way. Great that it has also been considered to present these individual exercises in separate chapters of the DVD in combination exercises. All in all, this DVD is not just to watch in 120 minutes. It invites you to get started yourself, to sing harmonics yourself, to play with the presented exercises, to find your own way with and in overtone singing. (Translated from German)

Hi Wolfgang, just working “hard” with your DVD workshop – overtone singing… Progressing! :-) Thanks for this great work! (Translated from German)

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  1. Sophia Renee says:

    Hi! I just wated to buy your DVD but i can’t because there is no shipping to Mexico.
    Do you sell it by amazon or another plataform? thank you!

    • Sophia Renee says:

      I already the links below of “Options of purchase”, thank you! I’m excited of learning more about polyphonic singing

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