Sibero (2015)

Cora Krötz: Sibero für Chor und Obertonensemble

In the video: 2015 recording in the Inselkirche Hermannswerder, Potsdam. Recording manager: Enno Finder.
Participants: vocal-concertisten e. V. Berlin under the direction of Kristian Commichau and “WIR4 – a cappella mit Hang zu Obertönen” with Cora Krötz (soprano, overtone vocals), Regina Fibich-Wiesneth (Alt), Reinhold Wirsching (tenor), Matthias Privler (bass, overtone vocals).

Composition for choir and overtone ensemble with solo soprano and bass overtone singing.

World premiere: November 2015 in the Twelve Apostles Church in Berlin-Schöneberg

Translated with

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