Foto: Marion Jenal (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

O gäb’s doch Sterne die nicht bleichen II (2014)

for 6-voice male choir and overtone singing

Difficulty: medium – difficult
Difficulty of overtones: very easy
Language: German
Instrumentation: a cappella

Premiere: 18. April 2015, Limburg catherdal, mens chamber choir “Cantabile Limburg” under direction of Jürgen Fassbender.

AS Musikverlag

Overtone singing: Free overtones on top of a constant tone in the male voices, written as vowel transitions.
The composer shared with me personally,  «… that in a performance with a professional overtone singer of course a fixed melodic overtone voice could be written for the piece…».

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