Overtone Singing in Foreign Languages

Try entering “overtone singing” in other languages into a search engine. I have compiled over 50 translations. You will find videos and other treasures you would never have been able to find otherwise.

New creative developments of overtone singing are often not easy to find if you only search with the usual terms: Throat singing, overtone singing, khoomii, etc. According to Google, “throat singing” is the most searched term in this context, but treasures from France or Russia may be lost.

Do you know another translation? Then please put it in the comment below.

Bashkir 18px-Flag_of_Bashkortostan ba:
Өзләү, Özläü, Uzlyau

Basque Flag_of_the_Basque_Country18.svg eu:
Kantu armoniko

Chakassic 18px-Flag_of_Khakassia tut:

Chinese flags-republic_of_china zh:

Danish flags-denmark da:
Strubesang, Overtonesang

Dutch flags-netherlands nl:

German flags-germany  flags-switzerlandflags-austria - Kopie de:
Obertongesang, Obertonsingen, Kehlgesang, Kehlkopfgesang

English flags-united_kingdom en:
Overtone singing, harmonic singing, harmonic chant, throat singing, diphonic singing, Tuvan singing

Estonian Flag Estonia et:

Finnish flags-finland fi:
Kurkkulaulu, yläsävellaulua

French flags-france fr:
Chant diphonique, Chant de gorge, Chant harmonique, Diphonie

Hebrew (Ivrit) flags-israel he:
שירת צלילים עיליים

Italian flags-italy it:
Canto armonico, Canto difonico, Diplofonie, Triplofonie

Japanese flags-japan ja:

Lithuanian flags-lithuania lt:
Virštoninis dainavimas, Harmoninis dainavimas, Virštoninis giedojimas

Low saxon (Netherlands) flags-netherlands nds-nl:

Luxembourgish flags-luxembourg lb:
Baovetoeënzaank, Kaelzaank

Mongolian flags-mongolia mn:
Хөөмэй, Transkriptionen: (ISO9) Höömej, (Duden) Chöömei, Chöömej, (Engl.) khöömei, khöömey, (auch verbreitet) khoomej, khöömej

Norwegian flags-norway nn:
Strupesong, Strubesang, Overtonesang, Overtonesong

Polish flags-poland pl:
Śpiew alikwotowy

Portuguese flags-portugal pt:
Canto difônico, Canto dos harmónicos

Russian flags-russia ru:
Горловое пение

Swedish flags-sweden sv:
Strupsång, Övertonssång

Serbian flags-serbia sr:
Аликвотно певање

Serbo-Croatian flags-serbia sh:
Alikvotno pjevanje

Slovenian flags-slovenia sl:
Alikvotno petje

Spanish flags-spain es:
Canto difónico, Canto de armónicos, Canto de la garganta

Tatar 18px-Flag_of_Tatarstan tt:
Бугаз җырлавы

Czech flags-czech_republic cs:
Alikvotní zpěv, Hrdelní zpěv, Harmonický zpěv

Tuwinian 18px-Flag_of_Tuva tyv:

Ukrainian flags-ukraine uk:
Горловий спів

Vietnamese vi:
Hát Đồng Song Thanh (“singing with two simultaneous sounds”. Thanks to Tran Quang Hai)

Xhosa flags-south_africa xh:


Picture credits: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b1/WorldMap-B_non-Frame.png
By www.demis.nl [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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