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Free: sing2 – A Practice Book for Polyphonic Overtone Singing for Female Voice, English Version

16. December 2020/by Wolfgang Saus

Currently FREE: Voice Disorders – a Focus of Clinical Speech Science

10. November 2020/by wolf

Why Does Choral Music Sound So Good?

9. November 2020/by Wolfgang Saus

Arte-Documentation: The Call of the Mongolian Steppe

13. September 2020/by Wolfgang Saus

Jew’s harp and beatbox

26. May 2020/by Wolfgang Saus

Radio Feature: Between two tones – The art of overtone singing

17. May 2020/by Wolfgang Saus

Watch now for free: The film “Space – Sound – Voice” by Minghao Xu

24. January 2020/by Wolfgang Saus

Aachen Cathedral Bells, Full Ringing

28. January 2019/by Wolfgang Saus

Silent Night with Overtone Singing

24. December 2018/by Wolfgang Saus

BBC Documentary about Wolfgang Saus’ Overtones in the MRI Tube

18. February 2018/by Wolfgang Saus

A Melody Only Some Can Hear – Take the Hearing Test

11. August 2017/by Wolfgang Saus

Incredible – a piece of wood with a voice

12. March 2017/by Wolfgang Saus

Your ears have super powers – convince yourself

9. March 2017/by Wolfgang Saus

Test Your Rhythm Feeling

1. September 2016/by Wolfgang Saus

Spectacular MRI Video of the Tongue while Singing Overtones

20. May 2016/by Wolfgang Saus

Oh, come, little children

24. December 2014/by Wolfgang Saus

Pachelbel’s Canon

29. October 2014/by Wolfgang Saus

Test: Are you an overtone or fundamental listener?

3. September 2014/by Wolfgang Saus

How Your Brain Handles Overtones

16. July 2014/by Wolfgang Saus

La Grande Bellezza – with overtones to the Academy Award | Vox Clamantis

9. June 2014/by Wolfgang Saus

Herausforderung für gute Obertonsänger

28. March 2014/by Wolfgang Saus

Two overtone melodies at the same time – Cosmicbow

3. March 2014/by Wolfgang Saus

Overtone Singing in Foreign Languages

14. July 2013/by Wolfgang Saus