In memoriam Jan Heinke 2 – Christmas Song Collection

Dear fellow aficionados of Jan Heinke’s overtone music,

18. December 2023/by wolf

In memoriam Jan Heinke – German Folk Song Collection

Hello fellow aficionados of Jan Heinke’s overtone music,

20. April 2023/by Wolfgang Saus

Forest Birds – My Contribution to World Listening Day 2022

July 18, 2022 is World Listening Day again. Forest Birds.…
20. July 2022/by Wolfgang Saus

Free: sing2 – A Practice Book for Polyphonic Overtone Singing for Female Voice, English Version

It is with great pleasure that I present here a book by two of my students and graduates of my overtone singing training: sing2 - Overtone Melodies for Women, by Beate Eckert and Barbara Lübben.
16. December 2020/by Wolfgang Saus

Currently FREE: Voice Disorders – a Focus of Clinical Speech Science

As the Federal Association of German Clinical Speech Scientists…
10. November 2020/by wolf

How Achim Winter (German TV channel ZDF) set out one morning to learn overtone singing…

Achim Winter from TV channel ZDF learns overtone singing with Wolfgang Saus.
3. November 2019/by Wolfgang Saus

Sea noise (public domain) at the beach of Kolka, Latvia – my contribution to the World Listening Day 2019

World Listening Day 2019
Today, July 18, 2019, is World Listening…
21. July 2019/by Wolfgang Saus

28.02.19 – 22h – DLF Kultur Radio Broadcast about the Europa Obertonchor

The Deutschlandfunk Kultur broadcasts on Thursday, 28 February 2019 from 22h to 22h30 a radio feature about the European Overton Choir.
26. February 2019/by Wolfgang Saus

My Accident and Move 2018

Something private of mine today. I haven't updated my website…
31. October 2018/by Wolfgang Saus

Free Download: Beginner’s Textbook for Polyphonic Overtone Singing by Stuart Hinds

13. October 2017/by Wolfgang Saus

Online Voice Conference 2016 – Download

13. March 2017/by Wolfgang Saus

This free online course on ‘Vocal Recording’ should be interesting to many singers

Make your own professional voice recordings? Free course on recording room, microphones, equalizers, compressors, reverb, delay and more.
22. July 2015/by Wolfgang Saus