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Incredible Medicine: Dr Weston's Casebook | Trailer – BBC Two

At the moment (until 4.3.2018 was announced, but so far it still works) you download the German version of the BBC documentation in HD from the ZDF-Mediathek with Mediathekview (Wunder der Anatomie – Krankenakte X – Grenzfälle der Wissenschaft). The link only works in Germany.

Surgeon Gabriel Weston has spent many years studying the functioning of the human body. In the new series “Incredible Medicine: Dr Weston’s Casebook” she introduces people from all over the world with the most unusual bodies and abilities.

Also the unique body control required for overtone singing is illuminated (from 11:11 min.). In November 2016, a film team from the BBC Science Production, Emma Hatherley (production, direction) and Alexis Smith, shot this part of the series at the Institute for Musician Medicine at the University Hospital of Freiburg with Prof. Bernhard Richter and myself, Wolfgang Saus.

Impressive live images from the magnetic resonance tomograph show the complex motions in the mouth and throat, which take place during overtone singing. Interviews explain the scientific background of the phenomenon.

BBC Seite der Serie

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